When will I be successful ?

When will I be happy  ?

What is my propose ?

The truth is the answers are forever changing, it’s not that these questions are unanswerable it's that they are not measurable  yet people spend so much time giving their energy to them. We are all consumed in getting results right away and we get so frustrated when we fail to get it “right”. What if letting go is the answer. Not letting go in the sense of leaving your fate up to the universe without any aim for direction but in the sense of letting go of things you can’t control. Trying to control what you can’t only brings about worry and when you worry you create negative energy. The worry become endless you may even start worrying because you are worrying. Funny right?

A trickery of the mind if you will, a perpetual loop that always brings you back to the source of confusion.  I find myself in this loop, i’d be a liar if I said this loop hasn’t gotten the best of me but recognizing it is key. Worry is a part of life but you can’t let it shape your decisions. These questions are forever changing, my life is forever changing and i’m open to that. These question will continue to grow and expand. What makes me happy now could change in a year and my purpose in life could change depending on the paths I take. When will I be successful? This depends how you define success but your wants and aspiration will constantly change, be welcoming of that. Keep growing and keep expanding your energy.

Christina Mihalopoulos